Broken-Hearted Student Wins Jackpot at Online Casino

Broken Heart

A dumped young student with two jobs wins a progressive jackpot at an online casino! The anticipation that somewhere, someone will win a life-changing amount of money is unrivalled. And, when it reaches the astronomical heights of millions, it becomes even more exhilarating. Well, it recently happened to a very lucky young bloke who made a small random decision that changed his life forever.

The 24-year old who prefers to remain anonymous was unlucky in love, but his luck seemed to have changed recently. And, he says he’s hoping not to get any calls from the woman who jilted him now that he’s a millionaire.

The fortunate progressive jackpot winner worked two jobs to sustain his social life while he was studying. He also tried to save up for some wheels because, in his own words, he had a girlfriend that was very high maintenance.

While he struggled to juggle his jobs, social life and studies, he received a text message from his needy other-half in which she dumped him.

‘’She told me that I was out of her league and that she was going to find herself a real man. I was so uptight about her insulting words that I decided not to reply.’’

You must admit, that all of us have been in a situation in which we’ve dreamt about the ultimate revenge. While some will post embarrassing photos on social media, others will hurl a glass of wine in a face. But there are a few people that score the opportunity to get the last laugh in ways most of us can only dream.

And that is what happened to this lucky young man.

Apparently, after watching a late-night movie, he started playing a few games at an online casino. He remembered that he still had free spins that he earned after signing up a few weeks ago. He ended up making the best decision of his life when he chose to play a game, which offered an enormous progressive jackpot. Unbelievably it was this small decision that made him a millionaire.

‘’I played my favourite slot game with my free spins but enjoyed it so much that I made a small deposit. I hoped to win something, but $100 would have made me happy. I never thought that I would win this insane amount of money. I still can’t believe it.’’

‘’When my screen started lighting up, and the amount was displayed, I went into total shock. I always assumed that you needed to place big bets to win progressive jackpots, so I thought that they most probably made an error. It was only after the online casino confirmed the good news that I became ecstatic. I think I laughed and cried at the same time. It was incredibly surreal knowing that I would not have to work two jobs anymore because I was a millionaire. It’s crazy; I still can’t believe it.’’

Will he take his ex back now that he can afford to maintain her high demands? ‘’Not a chance!’’ he says.

In fact, the young man got the ultimate revenge when he replied to his ex-girlfriend’s message a few days later. She must have resented her decision when she saw the image of him holding loads of cash. Brilliant!

He said that he was going to take a break from his studies for a year to enjoy his newfound financial freedom.

‘’I want to chill on an exotic island with a cocktail until it all sinks in. After that, I will decide what I am going to do, but for now, I am just going to take it easy.’’

Can anyone be any luckier?