Tiger’s Glory: Ultra is an Awesome New Slot Game from QuickSpin

Tiger’s Glory: Ultra Slot Game

Tiger’s Glory: Ultra isn’t so much a sequel to Quickspin’s successful Tiger’s Glory slot, but more of a deluxe edition. What the slot provider has done here is present players with more of the same, albeit with Classic and Ultra modes.

The Classic Mode presents you with the same game you’ve presumably already played and quite possibly like. The Ultra Mode is where the upgrade, if you could call it that, kicks into gear.

The primary difference between the two slot games is the volatility of the engine. Like most modern Quickspin slots, the Classic Mode offers highly volatile gameplay. The Ultra Mode takes that to a new level. If it was possible to create a higher than high volatility game, Quickspin has mastered it with this new mode. Find out what this means for your odds of success and the prizes at stake in our Tiger’s Glory: Ultra slot review.

A Roaring Success Gains a Sequel…of Sorts

If you’ve had a crack at Tiger’s Glory, you will note that the design of this extended version is by and large the same as its predecessor. You’ve got a six-reel setup in front of you, with as many as 4,096 ways to win. Before you decide to have a crack at the game, you need to decide the mode you want to play with.

You can choose to go with Classic Mode, which offers an RTP of 96.51% and highly volatile gameplay, with frequent wins and prizes worth up to 12,000x your bet. Alternatively, you can opt for Ultra Mode, which promises bigger (albeit less frequent wins) worth up to 32,000x a bet. The RTP in the Ultra Mode is 96.72%, but the game is even more volatile than before.

The reel and payline structure remain the same whichever mode you choose to play with, with stakes costing 0.20 up to 100.00 irrespective of the mode selected. You can opt to buy the bonus round outright if you wish, but it is not worth the effort, with costs ranging from 80x up to 1,000x a bet.

Tiger’s Glory: Ultra Slot Layout
Tiger’s Glory: Ultra Slot Layout

Tiger’s Glory: Ultra Game Features

Wild symbols (tigers) are arguably not as effective as you might like in this game. They appear with less regularity than in other slots, but they can still replace all standard paying symbols to promote wins.

The first game was hardly jam-packed with features, and neither is this version of the slot. The good news is that once the slot’s free spin round begins, wilds will become far more useful. This will undoubtedly leave players wondering if Quickspin deliberately made them tame in the base game to ramp up their effectiveness in the feature.

To get to that free spin bonus, you’re going to need to acquire three to six scatters (swords and shields) on the reels. In a gladiator-themed slot such as this, we’d expect nothing less. Once you’ve got the necessary number of scatters, you can don your greaves and armour, pick up your sword and get ready to do battle.

Where Ultra Mode Shines, or Not

If you’ve opted to play with Classic Mode, then the free spin round will pan out exactly as it appears in the original Tiger’s Glory slot. However, if you’ve taken a risk thus far, then the more highly volatile Ultra Mode has additional rewards for you in this feature.

You’ll start the round with 7, 10, 15 or the maximum twenty free spins for three, four, five or all six scattered swords and shields symbols. Tiger wilds act as scatters here, boosting your chances of landing wins. Moreover, winning combos needn’t begin on the first reel, which is a nice touch.

Look out for the Enraged Tiger icon in this round, as this will trigger a gladiatorial battle. Now, this is where things become different between the two modes.

In Classic Mode, the Enraged Tiger or your gladiator will be triumphant in a fight to the death. Should the tiger win, he will become sticky and remain in place for the duration of the bonus round.

When playing Ultra Mode, the tiger is guaranteed to defeat the gladiator every time. Moreover, every time you get an enraged tiger to become sticky, you’ll see one additional free spin added to your tally. As many as six extra spins can be won in this manner.

Tiger’s Glory: Ultra – Our Verdict

We’re not going to tell you whether playing in Ultra Mode is worth the trouble, given the “reward”. That depends on your preference (or lack of one) for highly volatile games. However, we won’t knock Quickspin for giving players both options in a single slot.

If you don’t like the Ultra Mode, you can always opt to play the original game. Unlike some rival providers, Quickspin hasn’t taken features away from the original mode to try and twist your arm either, so we take our hat off to them for that. Find more slot reviews from QuickSpin here.

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