Mythical Beasts Guard Ancient Riches in Ancients’ Blessing Video Slot

Ancients' Blessing Slot Game

Ancients’ Blessing – Amazing graphics coupled with great features and huge win potential make this slot game a winner.

The first thing you will notice about Ancients’ Blessing is the way the game expands to fill your entire browser window. The result is a game that looks extremely high quality, especially when expanded to full screen on a large monitor. The game boasts a more than acceptable RTP of 95.72%, and the action plays out on a 5×4 grid with 30 pay lines spanning the huge play field.

Ancients’ Blessing Overview

All the features of Ancients’ Blessing are triggered randomly during the base game, so you won’t be spending your entire session hoping to hit scatters whilst playing this game. I quickly noticed that there were no wild symbols either, and overall Ancients Blessing just feels quite different from your typical online slot. All the RTP is tied up in the game’s special features, so skip to that section if you just want to know how to win big whilst playing this slot.

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Symbols & Payouts

Four low-paying symbols are represented by the standard four playing card suits, with the spade paying out the largest amount of the four. The high-paying symbols are shown as various mythical creatures, with the top-paying red dragon being a little larger than the other four, making it obvious when you have many them on the screen.

Be warned though, the payouts are a little on the stingy side, as a full line of even the best paying red dragon symbol still only awards 2.5x your stake. The reason for this will become clear in a moment when we discuss the game’s features, but it does seem as if Red Tiger could have allocated a little more of the RTP to this area of the game. More than once I remember thinking to myself “is that it???” when I filled a large portion of the play field with matching symbols but failed to get a decent multiplier.

Special Features

Let’s talk about the “Locked Ancients” feature first, because you’ll be seeing a lot of it. Any time three or more picture symbols land on a pay line, they will be locked in place during the next spin of the reels. Note the important distinction here – you do not get a free respin or anything like that, so be prepared to top up your account If you run out of money whilst well on your way to a huge win.

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If new matching symbols happen to land on the next spin, they too will lock into place and each time this happens the multiplier shown in the top-right corner of the screen will increase by 1x. It is possible to fill the screen with sticky symbols in this manner, but you need it to happen quite slowly if you want a chance of reaching the maximum 20x multiplier.

There is a second feature too, named “Ancient Supremacy”, which is stated as activating randomly at any time, though I could swear I saw it activate at particularly opportune moments on several occasions – as if the game uses it automatically as part of its maths model strategy when it has decided to award you a huge win.

When Ancient Supremacy is activated, all the low paying symbols will set on fire and be removed from the reels, and only high-paying picture symbols will drop in from the top of the screen to plug the gaps left behind. This can be fantastic when you have numerous symbols locked in place but don’t have much space left to expand your win even further. I don’t think I ever saw this feature activate and not result in further wins, so I’m honestly not sure if it is completely random.

Ancients’ Blessing: The Verdict

I really enjoyed playing Ancients’ Blessing, despite its quirks and the lack of a real bonus round. The Locked Ancients feature activates often enough to keep your balance topped up anyway, and the ascending multiplier and Ancient Supremacy features give this game a tonne of big-win potential.

You’ll definitely need to get the multiplier up high to have a shot at winning the game’s top prize of 2,175x your stake for a full screen of red dragon symbols with a 20x multiplier. My maximum win during testing for this review was a respectable 610x my stake, which definitely made me wish I was playing for real money.

Ancients’ Blessing isn’t Red Tiger’s best effort, and their game Dragon’s Fire feels similar to this one whilst offering a much higher maximum win of 10,366x your stake. This game is sufficiently different from that one to make it worth checking out though, and it should be available at your favourite online casino right now.

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