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Springbok Casino’s Valentines Feature Wildlife Tinder Profiles

Wow, look what month it is already, February, and we all know what that means, the month of love. South Africa’s Springbok Casino is looking at the funnier side of Valentine’s Day and have put together some profiles of what African wildlife Tinder profiles would look like.

In a special feature this month, the South African online casino imagines dating profiles for Elaine Elephant, Larry Lion, Harriet Hippo and more. They’re also giving free spins on their Sweet 16 slot game.

Wildlife Tinder Profiles

Springbok Casino manager Daniel van Wyke had this on his mind, “If you were a lion looking for love, or a zebra looking for someone of a similar stripe, how would you describe yourself on Tinder? I hope players have as much fun reading our wildlife profiles as we had writing them!”

Elaine Elephant

Elaine Elephant’s Tinder profile might say that her ideal mate should be well-built, strong enough to uproot trees.

Larry Lion

Larry Lion would be looking for a lady whose pride won’t get in the way of her being swept off her paws.

Harriet Hippo

Harriet Hippo might describe herself as a plus size girl, but remind potential suitors that she’s thick-skinned, not fat.

Harry Hyena

In Harry Hyena’s Tinder profile, he’d point out that he’s a good listener and promises to laugh loudly at all jokes.

Springbok’s African Wildlife Tinder Profiles can be found here.

Wildlife Tinder Profiles Video

Free Spins on Sweet 16

  • 25 Free Spins on Sweet 16
  • Coupon Code: TINDER
  • Available until February 28, 2021
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Sweet 16 Video Slot Game

Sweet 16 features Morphing Symbols: winning combinations explode into new symbols to create more winning combinations. Symbols keep morphing until there’s no win. With each win, the prize is multiplied by more – up to 10X (20X during free spins).  Three or more Lollypop scatters start 16 Free Games.

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